Music & Cinema “di genere”. A playlist

15 October 2020

Let’s be honest: how would have these past months been without music or movies?
Through movies we could relive past lives (which might have seemed almost dull back then but thinking about it now.. not at all) and scan future lives – which for good or bad seem they have come to happen – and it is thanks to the cinema and its soundtracks that we are able to critically consider our life path summarising our emotions .
We are particularly fond of a certain type of movies: genre cinema, “cinema di genere’ something we, Italians, were particulary good at, among budgeting, creating bizarre and original stories, eliciting suspence or relief according to the plot.
Horror, Thriller, Sci-Fi, Fantasy (yep!), Police Dramas or Poliziotteschi, Comedies… Anecdotes, trivias and some urban legends are linked to most of these films but so happened to be at the soundtracks. From legendary Vince Tempera who put together the original Goblin formation to translate into music rare Tonino Cervi’s movie “La Nottata”, to our own Giorgio Moroder depicting “Cat People” (remake of the original by Jacques Torneur) with hyperrealistic notes. Among the tracks, one with David Bowie which will be reprised by Tarantino in his “Inglorious Basterds”.
Let’s not forget epic Ennio Morricone and Detto Mariano, passed away during this terrible year, who leave us an immeasurable bequest.
Studio Gong once again wants to pay homage to “music for pictures”, the true language of heaven (as Federico Fellini used to say) with a juicy playlist on Spotify following the path of several movies which were broadcast on TV these past months, but mainly celebrating the marriage between “score” and genre cinema, any genre. Here you go!