Are you doing OK mates?

6 April 2020

Billy Bogus Soundtracks Mixtape

Hi there, I hope this finds you well, hopefully safe and healthy albeit in quarantine like we all are. We would like to give you a little update about how we are doing here at Studio Gong. We keep working at the music catalogue so to ensure for you to have the best music to celebrate the end of the pandemic. Never lose your faith in the power of music!

To help cheering you up here’s a little preview for you to enjoy whilst at home, and a link to a live mix by our founder, dj & producer Niccolò Bruni, (with his cinematic moniker Billy Bogus) mixing a selection of movie soundtracks via a Dreadbox multiFX . The mixtape is called La Covata 19, inspired by this crazy period of Quarantine due to Covid19 spread. We know the name sounds like an italo sci-fi movie, but this moment in time is the closest thing to sci-fi We’ve ever seen, and it’s real. “La Covata 19” is also inspired by lots of movies Niccolo is currently watching at home and wants to re-design the real or imaginary boarders of his house.