Studio Gong is the culmination of 30 years of work and collaborations.

These are only a few of the artists we work with and who agreed to make a selection of their tracks available for our digital catalogue.

Experienced Producer and Sound Engineer for Eugenio Finardi, Umberto Tozzi, Stadio, works with Pizzico Records under the name Kasillen.

Eclectic, experimental with a rock-punk background, producer with Shiranami of sample textures between jazz and electronic, programmer and composer for Armoteque.

Marco Antonio is a very prolificsound engineer and producer of Chicago inspired house music, techno, synth-driven electronica, ambient, with an extensive solo output.

Sound designer, keyboard player, analogic sounds manipulator and co-founder of Technogod and Ohmega Tribe in the past and of The Caribbean House today.

DJ and producer since 1995, label manager for Pizzico Record and today closely involved in the projects The Caribbean House and Strata-gemma.

Born in 1975, Max Paparella is a Hammond organist with a passion for vintage musical instruments.