Contractor: Framedealer / Richard Ginori

Music Licensing / Field & Speech Recording

Our producer Marco Antonio Spaventi edited “Venere Outro” from his album Viaggi to define a little digression into shapes, food philosophy and flavors for ARIA, a new concept of “Mise en Place” by Richard Ginori. We completed the work by recording voices, crockery sounds and noises so to bring listeners right into Michelin starred chefs' domain.


Contractor: Eligo Studio

Music Composition for Video Mapping

Straight from our catalogue we have“Back at Night”, dreamy and hazy track upon which Niccolò Bruni and Federico Bologna have created dark room beats. The music project aims to expand the mesmerising video mapping of seventy-two ceramic plates hanging on the wall of a real “dark room”, in the 5 Vie Design District in Milan.


Contractor: Framedealer

Music Composition for Video Mapping

Niccolò Bruni and Federico Bologna have created a special music project for the exhibition GIO PONTI MAGNIFIED. The track “Odissey” accompanies the mesmerising video Framedealer at MAD in Paris. The aim is to musically redesign Gio Ponti’s fine graphics for the equally renowned ceramics by Richard Ginori.

NIKE SPORTSWEAR - Nunca in Milan

Contractor: Sartoria Comunicazione

Composition and background Music

Niccolò Bruni has created a light fabric of beats and drums to describe the art of Brasilian graffiti artist Nunca in Milan filmed during a Nike Sportwear campaign.


Contractor: Panottica

Music Licensing

Four beautiful girls selected to participate at Vogue Eyewear contest in Miami. The music follows beach parties but still evokes elegance, femininity and sensitivity. The Caribbean House releases the track "Il nuovo dragone" and many more for this contest to describe Miami life, among clubs, beaches and good vibes.


Contractor: Framedealer

Music Licensing

From Pizzico records catalogue a charming track by Kael Misko as a background for a recruitment campaign for Max Mara group. To the haunting, up-tempo but deep music we answered with a song called “I want You”.


Contractor: Casi Umani

Commercial Soundtrack / Archive

It's with great pleasure that we include in our portfolio the first commercial for CERES. This sparkly animation has distinguished the brand for twenty years making it an icon in the advertising world. The music, close to the trip hop style of the time, has been composed and curated by Federico Bologna.


Music Composition / Sync

Music created ad hoc by Niccolò Bruni for this commercial broadcast on Mediaset and Sky channels. The track had to reflect the aesthetic moods of the brand as well as fit the video so it was created and arranged during the shooting in perfect, creative harmony.


Contractor: Dolce Ldn

Music Composition / Audio Logo

Niccolò Bruni and Federico Bologna have created some original music for one of the best make up artists in the world as it is, Charlotte Tilbury. You will listen to hi-clap catchy drums and old school twisted synthesisers reminding of an ancient idea of pop mixed with electronica.


Contractor: Framedealer

Audio Edit and Post-Production

Federico Bologna and Niccolò Bruni just planned music and sounds around “real” holograms and very special video effects. This awesome work took scene in Abu Dhabi at Paris-Sorbonne University for CHANGE – GMIS Opening Ceremony. The original track chosen is Discovery 2020 by Jayson Zambito, special sound effects are produced by Niccolò Bruni & Federico Bologna for Framedealer video.


Contractor: Eligo

Composition and background music

Night Inspiration for the piano session created by Niccolò Bruni and Federico Bologna for this backstage video for Creative Academy in Milan. The style is basic but emotional, perfect for Milan Design Week - where the video was presented - and to describe the student at the Academy working at their architecture and craft projects.

ELIGO - Intrecci

Contractor: Framedealer

Composition and background Music

Inspired by wood, the natural material par excellence, combining creativity and craftsmanship, the Creative Academy students created an original collection of wooden artifacts, crafted with two of the most ancient and noble woodworking technique: marquetry and wood turning. Niccolò Bruni features The Caribbean House and instrumental maestro Gian Franco degli Esposti to create an exclusive soundtrack for suggestive Framedealer video, the track is called Pueblo Fantasma.


Contractor: Sartoria Comunicazione

Music Licensing

The track with the evocative name of "Hypnotic Aerobic" was chosen for the opening of the well-known sneakers store "Space 23" in Milano, coming from the joint venture of two sport stars, footballer Marco Materazzi and basketball player Stefano Mancinelli.