Music for IED Master Experience

We have been asked to curate the background music and the sound design for IED master experience and we feel […]

The Cassina Perspective 2021

What if I said 2001: A Space Odissey? We started from Kubrick’s masterpiece to create the new Cassina Perspective campaign […]

Fifteen years of Audio and Video

… and we got to 15! We’re proudly making sounds for Framedealer prominent videomakers since 2006. We did quite a […]

Once upon a time… The Music Softwares

When did computer music begin and how much has it affected our way of making and perceiving music? At the […]

Music for Cassina’s Maralunga

In order to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Vico Magistretti, Cassina presented the iconic Maralunga sofa, exclusively manufactured by Kvadrat […]

VHS Memories (More Tape Remixes)

Studio Gong’s catalogue, also thanks to the affiliated Pizzico Records, is getting bigger, acquiring more and more internationally acclaimed artists, […]

Ginori Sonic Rebranding

Here’s the third and last SOUND DESIGN for Ginori rebranding project. After lasers, neon lights and a super hi tech […]

R¥ALTO X Unlock Book Fair

A very peculiar design and book fair asked us to put to music their recap video. Great! The fair is […]

Music & Cinema “di genere”. A playlist

Let’s be honest: how would have these past months been without music or movies? Through movies we could relive past […]

Un Cappelletto in Oriente

This time we take you inside the kitchen of Eligo Studio, where the recipe for the Cappelletto Reggiano is explored […]


Along side awarded and famous pay-per-view streaming tv series there are also plenty of online little gems you can watch […]

R¥ALTO – Druggy Buggy

We’re really excited and a bit overwhelmed to have this album out for our Sync catalogue! This is R¥ALTO and […]


The Caribbean House AKA Studio Gong co-founder Federico Bologna’s live set was streamed on Internet during these days of quarantine, […]

Billy Bogus Soundtracks Mixtape

Are you doing OK mates?

Hi there, I hope this finds you well, hopefully safe and healthy albeit in quarantine like we all are. We […]

Strata-Gemma AUTUNNO 1 available

Strata-Gemma is definitely one of the most exciting projects we have been involved in the past 3 years, and it’s […]

Fellini’s music

Celebrating the 100th anniversary of Federico Fellini’s birth is at the same time inebriating and terribly melancholic: Screenwriter and cartoonist […]

Music Research for Dilettanti Geniali

“Dilettanti Geniali” is a brilliant exhibition of posters, vinyls, concert flyers, showing the critical passage from the underground culture to […]

Gong Winter Release

It’s Christmas time for Gong too! Whilst waiting to indulge in celebrations we thought it would be good to enrich […]

Woolrich Sound Design

Snow Room Sound

Woolrich got in touch with us for an exciting sound design project: we were asked to recreate the sounds of […]

16 8 Aria

ARIA by Richard Ginori

After the exciting Parisian experience here’s a new Sound Design project for Richard Ginori. Leaving behind the magnificent Louvre we […]