VHS Memories (More Tape Remixes)

15 December 2020

Studio Gong’s catalogue, also thanks to the affiliated Pizzico Records, is getting bigger, acquiring more and more internationally acclaimed artists, producers and remixers.
Like in this album of remixes by our masterchef Niccolò Bruni – here as his “disco” alter ego Billy Bogus – with world clubbing rising stars such as Daniel Monaco and Pigmaliao: from dramatic, movie-like and descriptive atmospheres to party-loving and relaxing paces as in the title track “VHS Memories” remix by MA Spaventi.
If you are looking for some rhythmical, syncopated music with lush atmospheres for a sync or a video production and you want to avoid a dull choice by encouraging the dialogue between picture narration and music, this release could be for you.
We are happy to introduce “More Tape Remixes” as a New Entry in Gong’s Catalogue

Bring it on!