New Tracks by Max Paparella

11 September 2019

After a much needed and regenerating summer we are now ready to go. We never stopped keeping our ears open so to catch new sounds and styles which will be an influence in our next productions.
Heat, empty cities and relax, is there a better season to do a bit of tidy up and welcome a new addition to our Gong team?

We couldn’t be happier to introduce you to Max, one of the most experienced people in the music field we know: from being a Hammond organ “weapon master” to mix & mastering, to producing full tracks.
Max has joined us with 5 unreleased tracks which evoke the Summer but at the same time are perfect for the upcoming Autumn season.
You won’t be disappointed by this pure Chill Funk mix!
Nightime beaches, sunsets, car rides by the coast, but also car chases and a 70s detective movie after taste: these are the suggestions evoked by Max Paparella sound, discover them with us.