Fellini’s music

23 January 2020

Celebrating the 100th anniversary of Federico Fellini’s birth is at the same time inebriating and terribly melancholic: Screenwriter and cartoonist to begin with, then multifaceted and critically acclaimed director with a unique style.
Among his 24 original films it is hard not to find – if not a masterpiece – at least something leaving a mark in the history of Cinema. Credit also goes to the music. Fellini used to refer to his composers as “diviners”, in perpetual contact with a parallel and similar reality, so not good per sé but more like they had been chosen for this mystical role, like human antennas projected toward mysterious worlds.
Among all the cherished – Morricone, Piovani etc – perhaps one stands out for having been able of musically embody the Master’s dreams: Nino Rota.
Gong here proposes a modest tribute to one of the most felliniesque peaks: a memorable, avant-garde and dreamlike score which follows the life of “il Casanova di Federico Fellini” with little notes, between luxury and horror, success and decline and -of course – reality and dreams.

Now tell us whether this scene from the movie doesn’t make you think at the mutant doll Pris from Blade Runner.